Sweet Silence Camp 2021

Osho – Meditationweek Sweet Silence

July 17-24, 2021 or
July 31- August 07, 2021

Black Forest (South), Germany

An invitation to go inside, where we reduce all distractions and open ourselves to the essentials:

listening inwards

recognizing and releasing thoughts and emotions;
always returning to the ‚here and now’ as a daily exercise.
Preserving and increasing all the energy, that is pushing outward, touhg it finds new ways in the own ‘being’.

Supportive for this process is:
• return to the conscious breathing
• being ready and open for releasing and letting happen
• letting arise feelings of gratitude and love
• treating you and all others with respect and dignity

All participants have the freedom and thus responsibility, to use this wonderful opportunity resolutely and consistently for themselves. Everyone is unique in his journey.
The first three days are for arriving and preparation.

This is supported by Osho meditation techniques (e.g. Kundalini) and Osho’s words.
All participants are invited to contribute to these days by bring Osho-discourses and -videos and / or to cunduct a sequence themselfs.

The three days and four nights in silence offer the possibility of the withdrawal, but also to sit together in silence. Meditation like Nataraj and Kundalini will continue to be offered.
The time after the silence is intended for a careful coming back, for an exchange and preparation for everyday life.

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A warm welcome to all from
Veena, Shantida, Avi, Sarita, Niharika, Rüdiger, Rajanila, Sitara

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