About the camps

Dear Friends,

for many years a group of friends gathered around Asanga to spend a week or more for meditation and a silent retreat period.

Most of the time this happened in the Swiss mountains in Amden; in 2005 and 2006 we gathered in Germany, close to Freiburg.

We are very happy to have enjoyed Asanga´s insight into meditation, his wisdom, his explanations, how to use your experience into our day-to-day life and his deep connection with OSHO, that he shared with us.

After Asangas departure it was very clear, that we are going to continue in his understanding and also in a similar set-up.

Last year we had our first silent retreat after his leaving. We were very touched by the depth of silence and the deep connection we all felt with him, OSHO and each other, and this experience we see, is very helpful on our individual paths as meditators.


The structure of the Summer Meditation Camp has some different elements:

We start the camp with OSHO`s active meditation techniques, breathing exercise, selected audio/video discourses, time for silent sitting, sharing, chai and chit-chatting. This gives us a good preparation for what Asanga called: “sweet-silence / sweets & silence”.

After dinner on the second day of our gathering everyone goes in silent retreat for 3 1/2 days. You are then alone in your room, no reading, no talking, no writing, no communication, just being alert and watchful: „ …giving a jolly good time to yourself…no guilt, no jugdement, no goal, just watching whatsoever wants to happen, allowing, not doing anything, having a honeymoon with yourself…“

Dynamic and Kundalini meditations are optional. Walks in nature are recommended, where you are supposed to look at the tip of your nose, not watching the scenery. More specific instructions on this silent period will be given during the camp. After this 3 1/2 days we will all meet again after breakfast, starting with silent sitting or an OSHO discourse. Later there will be a sharing of experiences and the rest we’ll decide on the spot.

On the next day after a shorter morning session we depart, everyone on his own path in connection.


This Camp is available to anyone, who loves or dares to go into silence and aloneness. It can be an in depth insight and experience of oneself. „Once you have an experience of your own….”
Lots of Love