21 Days Silence

It is helpful to practice breath awareness,
practice Dynamic Meditation,
Do not read, write, do not think.
Thinking needs stimulation, thinking needs new sensations.
If your sensory system is constantly bored, there will be nothing outside of you to think about.
You will need less sleep,
And if you are constantly aware of breathing, so much energy will be generated in you!
Twenty-four hours of constant awareness means a minimal wastage of energy,
So energy is conserved.
This energy will be used in kundalini.
To raise energy upward you need a great storage of energy, only then can the gates open…
The awareness, the alertness, also helps the life force to become more vital within you.
It is as if someone is watching you. If someone is watching you you become more vital.

If things come to your mind, do not become anxious, just watch them.
Just be indifferent to these things. Do not be concerned at all, just go on witnessing your breathing.
So much will come to you: things that are absurd, illogical, unimaginable, inconceivable, fantastic, nightmarish.
Let this things come and go, just go on watching.

You may experience moments of depressions,
moods will be coming up, emotions will be coming up,
all will be released,
don’t be afraid!
Be indifferent to any illness and go on doing what you are doing: go on watching your breath.

anything that you want to make a note of you must do after you have come out of seclusion, not before that.
Then sit down for a day and write down.
You cannot forget a thing that you have not tried to remember.
Whatever is worth remembering will be with you when the experiment is finished.